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A Finance Minor That Leads to Major Success

Lay a foundation for success in management and graduate studies with a minor in Money and Finance.

You’ll take four core classes in Accounting, Economics and Business for a total of 16 credit hours. The courses are designed to prepare you for success in a wide variety of careers, including banking, investments and international business.

You'll learn to read and analyze an organization’s financial reports and to think strategically about positioning an organization in the financial environment. The Money and Finance minor provides you with an introduction to the economic environment and basic economic, accounting and finance concepts and a complete introduction to the banking system, as well as tools that can be applied to for-profit and not-for-profit businesses.

The minor in Money and Finance complements studies in Accounting, Management and Economics. Guilford graduates say this minor is also great preparation for pursuing a master’s degree in business administration.

Major/minor requirements and course descriptions are available in the online version of the Guilford College Catalog. Use the keyboard shortcuts Control F for PC or Command F for Mac to search the document for your program.

Hands-on Learning

Guilford Accounting students have made valuable professional contacts while performing internships at the following:

  • Investment banks in Chicago and New York
  • Local CPA firms
  • Tax-preparation services
  • The Guilfordian, the campus newspaper, as business manager
  • Self-Help, a nonprofit organization helping low-income families receive funding for home, business purchases