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Mathematics Department

Mathematics for the Sciences


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The Language of the Sciences

Mathematics is often called the language of the sciences because it provides a means for scientists to model and describe what they observe in the “worlds” they simulate in laboratory experiments.

Guilford’s Mathematics for the Sciences minor provides students with the understanding of and techniques for such modeling using calculus. The minor is designed primarily for Physics and natural science majors who are interested in modeling or are preparing for graduate study. It is also appropriate for some social science and Business and policy studies majors, especially those interested in economic systems.

The Mathematics for the Sciences minor is designed to give future scientists a better preparation in mathematical and statistical analysis. Depending on your major, this may mean preparing your for research data analysis or simulation programming, which are applicable skills across graduate programs in most of the sciences.

College Catalog

For more information about courses for the Mathematics Department, visit the online, searchable College Catalog. In addition to the Undergraduate Catalog, information includes academic department and major information as well as academic regulations and resources; admission standards and requirements; and tuition, fees and financial aid information.

Hands-on Learning

Students have performed internships with teachers and professors, at LabCorp and with various manufacturing facilities in the U.S.