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Smoking on Campus

Smoking on campus property is prohibited in any area that is not specifically designated as an approved smoking area.

Purpose/Reason for Policy: To promote the health and wellness of the Guilford College community by limiting smoking to specifically identified areas.

Scope/Covered Persons: All members of the Guilford College community and visitors to campus.

Definitions: Smoking includes tobacco cigarettes as well as e-cigarettes and hookahs.

The Policy:  

Smoking is only permissible in designated approved smoking areas on campus. These include:

  • North side of Hege Library facing King Hall
  • Behind the Mail & Print Services Building
  • Between the Community Center and North Apartments, in the space east of the walkway and stairs
  • Picnic table at the north end of the East Apartments parking lot

In designated smoking areas where a smoking shelter such as a bench or picnic table is provided, the approved smoking area is within that shelter. Waste from smoking (cigarette butts) must be completely snuffed out and disposed of in appropriate waste or ash receptacles.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Employees and Students: Assure that their visitors and guests are apprised of the College’s smoking policies.

Smokers: Snuff out and dispose of any waste from smoking in appropriate waste or ash receptacles.


  • Any smoking outside of the designated/ permitted areas is considered a violation of College policy and subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the Faculty, Staff and Student Handbooks.
  • Students found responsible for violating this policy will incur an automatic $25 fine for either smoking or possession or use of the items listed above. 


For student violations: The student will receive email notification and the fine will be applied to the student’s account. Appeals to fines may be submitted in an email to within five (5) class days of the email notification. A third violation and subsequent fine will also result in student conduct charges.

Approval Authority:   College President

Responsible Office: Vice President for Student Affairs.

Revision History:  Student Handbook 2017-18, revised 10-9-2018