Residence Life

Because Guilford College is a residential campus that values the community of students in a residential setting, traditional students under the age of 23 are required to live on campus and eat in the dining hall. Traditional students with 88 credit hours or 21 and older (unless living at home with a parent or legal guardian) desiring to live off campus may apply to do so each academic year, but approval is not guaranteed. There are no opportunities for married students or CCE students to live on campus. During fall and spring breaks, Thanksgiving, and winter break, the residence halls and dining services are officially closed. Students may apply to remain in the residence hall during the breaks with the exception of winter break when all students must vacate the halls.

Housing Options

Residence Halls

Binford Hall

Binford is a co-ed residence hall that contains rooms for approximately 155 first-year students. Average room size is 17 ft. 4 in. x 11 ft. 9 in. The hall has central air-conditioning and heating, carpeted rooms, and central laundry facilities located in the basement. The building is designed in a T-shape and has bathroom facilities, lounges and kitchens in the center of each floor. The room furnishings are all built-in and the furnishings include a desk, bed, closet and dresser with generous storage space above the closet. Roommates share one TV cable connection. All residence halls have wireless internet connectivity.

Bryan Hall

Bryan is a co-ed residence hall designed to house approximately 215 upper class students in suites of eight. Average room size is 13 ft. 7in. x 11 ft. 1 in. The hall is air-conditioned and is designed for eight students per suite (4 bedrooms) who share a bath and a common area (common area is unfurnished). There is also a central laundry room in the basement and a lounge with a small kitchenette on the second floor. Each room shares one cable connection, and all halls have wireless internet connectivity.  The central courtyard houses many social activities throughout the year. Bryan Hall is an upper class hall. 

English Hall

English Hall is an all-male designated hall with approximately 50 students. Average room size is 16 ft. 4 in. x 11 ft. 8 in. The hall is air-conditioned with carpeted floors and has rooms on either side of a corridor with central bathroom facilities. Each room has a sink and there are kitchen, lounge and laundry facilities. Each room shares one cable connection.  All halls have wireless internet connectivity.  English Hall is an upper class hall although it may house first year males if there is a need. 

Mary Hobbs Hall

Mary Hobbs Hall houses approximately 54 female upper class residents. Average room size is 13 ft. 6 in. x 12 ft. This unique building is the oldest residential facility on campus and has been renovated numerous times over the years. The hall is air-conditioned with rooms on either side of long and short corridors with central bathroom facilities, a kitchen and laundry room in the basement and three lounges. The lounges are carpeted and the halls and rooms have hardwood floors. 

Milner Hall

Milner is the largest co-ed residence hall with approximately 250 first-year students.  Average room size is 11 ft. 1 in. x 18 ft. 5 in. The rooms are air-conditioned and carpeted. Most bedrooms have a lofted bed set up, but can be unlofted. There are rooms on either side of a corridor with central bathroom, kitchen, lounge and laundry facilities.

Shore Hall 

Shore Hall is an all-female residence hall housing approximately 60 students. Average room size is 13 ft. 7 in. x 11 ft. 9 in. Shore is air-conditioned and has carpeted floors on either side of a corridor with central bathrooms, kitchen, laundry facilities and a spacious lounge. Each room shares one cable connection, and all halls have wireless internet connectivity. Shore is available to upper class female students, but may house first year female students if there is a need.

Theme Houses

Guilford College offers the opportunity for groups of students to live together in special interest housing or theme houses. There are four houses that accommodate six to 11 students and are organized around common social or academic interests, such as substance-free/healthy living, the study of languages, the environment, or multi-cultural themes. Students may apply each spring for special interest housing for the following academic year. The houses are not available for first-year students or new transfers. Students living in the theme houses are required to participate in the College meal plan and may elect any of the meal plan options.

Campus Apartments

North Apartments

The North Apartments house upper class students in 4 person apartments.  The apartments offer 4 single rooms which share one common bathroom, a living room and recently renovated kitchens.  Each bedroom has a cable connection.  The apartments have wireless internet connectivity.  The North Apartments offer a unique location with front porch space and buildings surrounding a tree covered quad area.

South Apartments

The South Apartments house upper class students in four person apartments.  Each apartment has 4 single rooms which share 2 bathrooms.  Each room has a cable connection and there is wireless internet connectivity.  A community laundry room is located centrally in the complex, and the Community Center lounge offers a gathering space for students right next door. 

Summer Housing

The Summer Online Housing Application will be available at the end of April. Space is limited during the summer sessions, therefore summer housing is not guaranteed to all who apply for housing.

To apply for summer housing , the online Housing Application is accessible through Banner Web. Make sure you are applying for summer 2014 and not fall 2014. If you have someone you wish to live with, please indicate your roommate preference on your Personal Preference page in MyHousing. You will be assigned to a room by Residence Life (there is no room lottery for summer). 

Traditional continuing students attending summer session classes are not required to live on campus, including students participating in the Summer CADRE program. New students may not live on campus for the summer sessions. You must be enrolled in at least one class throughout the summer term to receive housing.

Meal plans are not available for the summer session because the College dining service is only available during scheduled summer conferences. Students may utilize the dining hall when it is available (typically opens mid-June) and pay at the door. Money may be added to your Quaker Cards and may be purchased through Student Financial Services.

The South Apartments will be utilized for summer session housing.  The number of available rooms is limited and spaces are on a first come, first serve basis. Each student will have a single room  with a shared bath. Fully furnished (pots, pans and other utensils not included), cable and internet access. Students may not remain on campus between spring and summer terms and summer to fall terms. Storage is not provided on campus.

Check-In/Check-Out Information
  • Check-in for summer residential students attending the 10 week and first 5 week summer sessions is Monday, May 27, 2013, from 10 am until 4 pm. Students will check-in at the Campus Life Office (210 Founders Hall) to obtain a room key and Room Condition Report and sign a summer housing agreement.
  • Late Arrivals: After 4 pm on Monday, students need to contact Public Safety to be let into their rooms. After Monday, if Public Safety lets someone into their room, the student will be charged $50 per night until the check-in procedure has been completed. Students arriving late should visit the Campus Life Office on Tuesday, May 28 between 9 am-5 pm to complete the check-in process.
  • Check-in for the second 5 week session is Sunday, June 30, from 12-2 pm with your RA/HD in your assigned building.
  • Check-Out: At the end of the 1st 5 week session (if you will not be attending the 2nd session) and at the end of 10 week and 2nd 5 week sessions, students must vacate their room within 24 hours of their final exam or scheduled class event.
  • Check-out for the 1st 5 week summer session residents is Friday, June 28, by 5 pm.
  • Check-out for 10 week and 2nd 5 week summer session residents is Friday, August 2, by 5 pm (residence halls close).
  • Residents are responsible for scheduling a check-out time with their RA. All belongings are to be removed from the room prior to completing the RCR and check-out process with the Resident Advisor.
  • Residents may opt to do the Express Check-Out. Express Check-Out forms are available in Bauman, 1st floor, or in the Campus Life Office. Notify your RA that you will complete an Express Check-Out.
  • If a student withdraws from the College during the summer session, they must vacate and check-out of the residential facilities within 24 hours of the withdrawal.
  • Students may not stay in the residence halls past the hall closing. Students found in the residence halls after 5 pm will be charged $50 per hour (starting at 5:00pm), until they are gone. If you have any additional questions, contact