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The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement

The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement (OSLE) provides Guilford students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills and engagement through a broad range of programs, resources and leadership opportunities. These programs help students develop skills, network with other student leaders and explore their own leadership identity. OSLE serves as the primary source for student involvement, leadership development and student event planning. Stop by the OSLE office in Founders Hall to find out how we can help prepare you for lifelong leadership roles.


As a student government, we strive to promote and enable participation in College politics and projects while providing a strong and active public forum for student discourse. The Student Community Senate strives to be a voice of the student body. Senate ensures that student activity fees are distributed and budgeted where students and student organizations want and need them most.

The Student Community Senate host open community meetings for all students to discuss and influence different proposals, and policies affecting the student body. The meetings take place in the Boren Lounge in Founders Hall at 7:00 p.m. on Mondays.

Executive Council

This student elected council consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Inter-Club Council Chair. It represents and serves the Guilford student body by supporting students, being a channel of communication with campus administration, assisting with funding for student organizations and events, and engaging in matters that impact Guilford students.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of a group of traditional students that specialize in representing the student needs on administrative committees and to the departments on campus. The Steering Committee meets with the Executive Council on a weekly basis; its purpose is to fulfill essential tasks that will allow the Student Community Senate to be the primary leader and the voice of the student body.

Inter-Club Council

The Inter-Club Council (ICC) consists of the ICC Chair, and a representative from each active clubs and organization. It facilitates collaboration between student clubs and organizations and supports their leadership. The ICC chair hosts monthly meetings for representatives from all student clubs and organizations and helps track clubs and organizations goals and progress during the year. ICC works with the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement, and other groups to coordinate leadership events on-campus and help publicize any off-campus leadership opportunities for Guilford students.

The Student Budget Committee

The Student Budget Committee is chaired by the Senate Treasurer, and ICC Chair. It is responsible for allocating funds for proposals, projects, events, and initiatives by students during the Academic year. Membership on this committee is open to the general public. Past proposals have included events in residence halls, conference attendance, service programs, general events, and special initiatives.

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