International Student Financing

If you want the kind of educational experience that small, private colleges such as Guilford offer, then you understand the value of a quality education. It is important to know that Guilford is dedicated to helping you remove the financial barriers to education and assisting our students in every way possible to achieve their goals.

Academic Scholarships

Scholarship Award Amounts

First-year applicants may be eligible to receive academic scholarships in the amount of $5,000-$20,000 (U.S.). The criteria and amount of these awards varies.

Accepted transfer applicants may be eligible to receive academic scholarships in the amount of $5,000-$20,000 (U.S.) based on previous college work. The criteria and amount of these awards varies.

How to Apply

All students are automatically considered for academic scholarships based on their application. Priority will be given to students who submit completed applications by January 15. You will receive notification of your financial aid award by letter. The total amount you are awarded cannot exceed $20,000 (U.S.).

Additional Sources of Aid

Since Guilford cannot offer aid to cover all expenses, international students must be prepared to pay a part, if not all, of their expenses to attend. We strongly recommend you search for external sources of financial aid that you could bring with you to whatever college or university you choose.

Student Loans

Below is a list of preferred lenders who may be willing to give an educational loan for international students. These funds, which are loans, must be repaid and you must be able to provide a credit-worthy co-signer who is either a U.S. citizen or a documented U.S. permanent resident.

Preferred Student Loan Options for International Students: 

If you choose to take advantage of any one of these loan alternatives, you should go directly to the lender’s web address listed above. Follow the lender’s instructions carefully. When you have completed the online application with the lender of your choice (and if your application is approved), the lender will notify Guilford College. At that point we will contact you with a financial aid letter that includes the anticipated funds from your loan.

Working to Fund Your Education

Enrolled students are eligible to work on campus to earn money towards their expenses. These students may earn up to $2,000 (US) per year. These funds are normally used for financing your personal expenses and cannot be applied to your school tuition and fees. International students are not permitted to work off campus unless it is an internship sanctioned and coordinated through Guilford College. Students may not work off campus during the first nine months of a program of study; therefore, students cannot expect to fun their education through work.