Meet the Admission Staff

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Meet the admission staff

Admission counselors are assigned to prospective students based on geography. Read the descriptions below to find out who your counselor is according to where you currently attend school.

  • Cynthia Basinger

    Assistant to Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
    School Extension 336.316.2152
  • Allison Brooks

    Data Systems Operator
    School Extension 336.316.2391
  • Jennifer Catoe '14

    Data Systems Operator
    School Extension 336.316.2390
  • Sharice Chandler '09

    Admission Counselor
    School Extension 336.316.2304
    Mobile 336.708.7939

    Sharice counsels students from Florida, Tennessee, Texas, and the south central region of North Carolina, as well as transfer students.

    Snapchat:  sec_guilford

  • Briana Duncan

    Admission Counselor/Campus Visit Coordinator
    School Extension 336.316.2443

    Briana coordinates our campus visit program for prospective students.

  • Shelley George

    Senior Assistant Director of Admission
    School Extension 336.316.2393
    Mobile 917.450.2793

    Shelley works with prospective students from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont and has a regional office in New York City. She can best be reached on her mobile number.

  • Kaycee Ingram '12

    Admission Counselor
    School Extension 336.316.2386
    Mobile 336.708.7940

    Kaycee counsels students from Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina, as well as the southern, eastern, and western regions of North Carolina.

    Snapcat:  kayceeguilford

  • Erin Kelly

    Associate Director of Admission
    School Extension 336.316.2124
    Mobile 336.708.7941

    Erin works with prospective students from Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

  • Sandra "Sandy" Pearman '80

    Director of Enrollment Information
    School Extension 336.316.2428
  • Sheila Siler

    Campus Visit Facilitator
    School Extension 336.316.2100
  • Andrew Strickler

    Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
    School Extension 336.316.2220

    Andy oversees the admission and financial aid staff in counseling prospective students and their families throughout the college search process.  He also works with students from Pennsylvania.

  • Grace Sullivan '14

    Admission Counselor
    School Extension 336.316.2394
    Mobile 336.708.7946

    Grace counsels students from California, Colorado, Washington D.C., Delaware, Maryland, Oregon, Washington, and the northeastern region of North Carolina.

  • William "Kyle" Wooden '11

    Admission Counselor
    School Extension 336.316.2383
    Mobile 336.708.7948

    Kyle works with prospective students from Virginia and the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill region of North Carolina.

    Snapchat:  guilfordkw