Study Abroad Staff

Study Abroad

Guilford’s study abroad programs introduce new ways of living, working, and learning. When academics take place in an international setting, it helps to develop the kind of knowledge and cultural sensitivities that are important in a changing world. The study abroad experience also promotes your ability to manage uncertainty, engage with the unfamiliar, and collaborate in a way that will help you become a global citizen capable of making a positive contribution to our collective future.

Why Go?

Study abroad gives you a competitive advantage. Graduate schools and employers increasingly seek candidates with international experiences and abilities tailored to our global community --this includes an understanding of languages, cultures, foreign policies and global trends. Read more about our mission and vision.

How to Go?

We offer three types of programs: 1) Led by an on-site resident Guilford faculty leader 2) Assisted by a non-resident Guilford faculty coordinator 3) Affiliate programs offered by professional partners. All are available during semesters, summers, and, in time, during Guilford's new January term. The Study Abroad office will help you find the right fit. 

Can I Afford to Go?

Yes you can! Many programs are priced the same as your regular semester at Guilford, and accept your financial aid. While some options carry a surcharge, there are scholarships available from a variety of sources. We help you consider both your budget and your goals.

Who Can Go?

Anyone is eligible except first-semester students or graduating seniors. Timing is important, so you’ll need to think ahead. Confirm with your academic advisor that you can study abroad, fulfill major requirements while there and stay on track for graduation. It will help to stop by the Study Abroad Office to discuss your interests. Application instructions can be found on the Study Abroad microsite.