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Guilford College believes in the value of study abroad experiences during which an international location becomes the laboratory for deep academic and cultural exploration. Through this belief, the Guilford College Study Abroad Office works to prepare students to be engaged global citizens that embody a unique set of skills and abilities making them successful members in the globalized and technological society of the 21st century.

Why Go?

Study abroad gives you a competitive advantage. Graduate schools and employers increasingly seek candidates with international experiences and abilities tailored to our global community --this includes an understanding of languages, cultures, foreign policies and global trends. Read more about our mission and vision.

How to Go?

We offer three types of programs: 1) Led by an on-site resident Guilford faculty leader 2) Assisted by a non-resident Guilford faculty coordinator 3) Affiliate programs offered by professional partners. All are available during semesters and summers. The Study Abroad office will help you find the right fit. 

Can I Afford to Go?

Yes you can! Many programs are priced the same as your regular semester at Guilford, and accept your financial aid. While some options carry a surcharge, there are two types of scholarships students can utilize. We help you consider both your budget and your goals.

Who Can Go?

Anyone is eligible except first-semester students or graduating seniors. Timing is important, so you’ll need to think ahead. Confirm with your academic advisor that you can study abroad, fulfill major requirements while there and stay on track for graduation. It will help to stop by the Study Abroad Office to discuss your interests. Application instructions can be found on the Study Abroad microsite.

Brunnenburg Semester Ranked Among Best Study Abroad Programs

Posted: January 21, 2015

An opportunity for Guilford College students to live and learn at a 13th-century castle in the Italian Alps has been named one of the nation’s best study abroad programs.

The Best College Reviews website ranked Guilford’s Brunnenburg Semester second on its 50 Best Study Abroad Programs in America list.

Students reside in the castle “croft,” which accommodates 14, and study the poetry of Ezra Pound, medieval culture, the history of agriculture, the slow food movement and German. Each Tuesday they participate in a workday on the castle’s farm and surrounding vineyards.

“Programs like Brunnenburg show students they can do things they never imagined, with people they might not have known, in places they never have been, and in ways they never believed,” said Kyle Dell, an associate professor of political science who led the program in 2013.

“How can one do those things and not come away knowing more about yourself and what you can do?”

The castle, situated above the spa town of Merano near the Austrian border, has breath-taking views of the entire valley. Its location allows students to make weekend trips to Munich, Vienna, Verona, Venice and other cities.

The castle belongs to Mary de Rachewiltz, the daughter of American poet Ezra Pound, and serves as an international Pound study center as well as the home of a museum of alpine agricultural history.

The semester involves many short trips, often by foot, in the South Tyrol region. Students shop in the nearby village of Dorf Tirol and do much of their own cooking.

The setting is unique, but there are many qualities that the Brunnenburg Semester shares with the Guilford College campus, said Kyle, who is leading the program again during the upcoming spring semester.

“Teaching and learning in small groups, encountering ideas and responsibilities that challenge your worldview and daily comforts, and moving forward as a community of learners is the very model which Guilford has used as a residential liberal arts college.”