Quaker Leadership Scholars Program

What is the  Quaker Leadership Scholars Program at Guilford College?

The Quaker Leadership Scholars Program (QLSP) is a group of approximately fifty students and four staff members who come together at Guilford from various Quaker and non-Quaker backgrounds. Students in the program explore community, faith, spiritual experience and diverse visions of Friends while they prepare to be of significant service to the Quaker community. If you become a part of QLSP, you should expect to spend your time in the program doing many of the following things and more:

  • Meeting weekly for worship with the students and staff in the program (we practice various forms of worship representing the spectrum of Quakerism including programmed worship in the manner of FUM Quakers and unprogrammed worship in the manner of FGC and Conservative Quakers)
  • Meeting weekly with members of your QLSP class (year-level) to develop deeper personal and spiritual connections
  • Talking with other students about your beliefs and listening to theirs
  • Meeting and interacting with Friends from around the world
  • Engaging in spiritually grounded practice of service
  • Learning about Quaker history and spirituality in academic courses with Quaker scholars
  • Discerning which commitments are important in your life and learning how to be present to those commitments while caring or yourself
  • Seeking your own sense of calling in life and your role in the worldwide body of Friends

Do I Have to be a Member of the Religious Society of Friends to Join?

The majority of students in QLSP are Quaker, but others are exploring Friends’ beliefs and practices. You do not have to be a member of a monthly meeting to join, but you must be committed to Friends’ principles and interested in exploring the role of Quakerism in your life. You should be able to describe what draws you compellingly to Quakerism, whether you are officially a Friend or not.