Accessibility Resource Center

Guilford is proud of its support resources for students with disabilities. We have a broad system of support that students find useful and encouraging. Our two coordinators assist students in learning how to advocate for themselves. Many students with disabilities often know themselves well as learners; they regularly offer new ideas, strategies and fresh insights into methods that work.


Typical accommodations used by students:

  • extra time (on tests, quizzes, in-class work only)
  • permission to use a computer for in-class work
  • testing in a less distracting environment
  • Smart pen recording
  • Read & Write Gold (reading, writing, study skills & research software)

Professors are accessible and classes are small; we encourage students to talk to their teachers early concerning their particular needs.

Under rare circumstances, students may substitute one approved intercultural/international course for the foreign language requirement if they submit appropriate data/documentation and have approval from the ARC committee.

The Process

In order to get accommodations, student must present documentation from a licensed practitioner (doctor, therapist, etc.). Students will also fill out a disclosure form (see link to left). Once all of the materials are in, your files goes to committee and accommodations are considered for approval.

Accessibility Plan

Guilford’s Accessibility Plan focuses on breaking down barriers and fostering a culture of acceptance and support for differences and to develop attitudes that promote equality, inclusion, respect, and diversity.

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