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April 13, 2021

Krishauna Hines-Gaither Receives Book Contract

Dr. Krishauna Hines-Gaither is the Associate Vice President for the Guilford College Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Director of the College's Intercultural Engagement Center. Before entering administration, Krishauna was a Spanish professor for more than 20 years. Routledge Press recently invited her to contribute to a new book series titled, "The Antiracist Classroom." Along with her co-author, Dr. Cécile Accilien of Kennesaw State University, Krishauna is under contract to author one of the books in the series, The Antiracist World Language Classroom

Routledge Editor Karen Adler wrote the following to Krishauna: “Your impressive background and work would make you the perfect person to author The Antiracist World Language Classroom. Practitioners would gain so much from your insights!” Krishauna invited Cécile, a trailblazer and thought leader in world languages, to join her on this important project. They submitted a carefully drafted proposal, which was well received by expert reviewers, and accepted by the Routledge Editorial Board. Krishauna and Cécile entered their contractual agreement with Routledge Press on March 26, 2021. Their manuscript is due in September 2021 and will be published soon thereafter. 

Krishauna says that this past year has pivoted the nation into an unprecedented year of social justice, social change and a call to action. As the world responds to a global pandemic, racial tensions, and violence, she says, how can the language classroom serve as a space for positive social change? The Antiracist World Language Classroom will encourage and challenge educators to engage current events in meaningful ways. Although world language classrooms are now focusing on social justice, we continue to lack attention to race, racism, and antiracism. This book fills that gap, Krishauna explains.

This concise, accessible guide provides a comprehensive resource for the what, why, and how of antiracism, specific to the needs of world language teachers and students, she says. The Antiracist World Language Classroom responds to the following questions: What does antiracism look like in the world language classroom or for the language educator? Why is it vital to implement antiracist practices relevant to your classroom or school? How can you enact antiracist pedagogies and practices that enrich and benefit your classroom or school?

The Antiracist World Language Classroom is not a textbook, Krishauna says. It's a resource book teachers can use to supplement any textbook. The book provides promising practices for students, teachers, and school leaders. Although this volume is accessible to K-12 educators, it centers on secondary levels. The book is also applicable to higher education, business, and civic sectors. The Antiracist World Language Classroom is relevant to a variety of languages and proficiency levels. 

Routledge Press envisions a full set of titles to cover all major subjects and for all subject area teachers, educators, and school leaders. Additional titles in "The Antiracist Classroom" series include:

  • The Antiracist English Classroom 
  • The Antiracist World Language Classroom 
  • The Antiracist Social Studies Classroom 
  • The Antiracist Science Classroom 
  • The Antiracist Art Classroom 
  • The Antiracist School Principal 
  • The Antiracist Special Educator 
  • …and more

Krishauna and Cécile say they are honored to contribute to such a powerful series.

To learn more about diversity and intercultural education at Guilford College, visit the DEI and IEC webpages, or schedule your personalized visit to campus.