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July 30, 2020

Get to Know Your 2020-21 Peer Guides Part 3

Incoming first-year students are paired with a Peer Guide who helps them through various obstacles that come up during the first year of college. These students go through a rigorous selection process that includes a short teaching presentation, and once selected, they spend a portion of their summer training with the Guided Discovery team. 
This three-part series (Part I, Part II) introduces you to each of the more than 20 Peer Guides. Check out the final group of profiles below.


Nzinga Suluki-Bey '23

Nzinga is a Community and Justice Studies major, born and raised in Philadelphia. She chose Guilford College because of the Bonner Scholars Program — and because of a funny coincidence that her father's side of the family's last name is Guilford! Nzinga's favorite parts about her first year at Guilford were changing her major and volunteering with Bonner volunteer sites. She became a Peer Guide because she really liked her Peer Guide and wants to pay it forward! A fun fact about Nzinga is that she has her own magazine, Sex & Fashion: A New Age Magazine.

Bruno Gonzalez ’23

Bruno is an Accounting major with a Spanish minor from Winston-Salem, N.C. He decided to attend Guilford because it presented him with the opportunity to continue playing the sport he loves — soccer — while also being able to create a close relationship with everyone around him. Bruno's favorite part of his first year was getting involved in different clubs and activities that led him to meet a lot of new friends.

He chose to become a Peer Guide because he understands that transitioning into a new environment can be difficult, and he wants to make it easy and enjoyable for everyone coming to Guilford next year. A fun fact about Bruno is he was part of a fundraising program under the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society called "Students of the Year" that collectively raised more than $70,000.

Caroline Gore ’22

Caroline is an Education Studies major from Leesburg, Va. She chose Guilford because of its small campus community, and she chose to become a Peer Guide because she loves working with people and helping others. A fun fact about Caroline is that she loves running long distances.

Diyaa Kauffman ’23

Diyaa is an International Studies major, with a focus on East Asian Studies, from Bedford, Va. She chose Guilford because of its diverse campus and welcoming community. Diyaa’s favorite part of her first year was building relationships with her professors and classmates. She enjoyed taking challenging and fascinating courses with lots of interesting topics of study. 

Diyaa found the adjustment to college a struggle at first but greatly values the advice and help of upperclass students. She looks forward to helping other first-year students through this transition. A fun fact about Diyaa is that she was a major reader in high school, reading more than 500 books in four years.

Jess Castaneda ’23

Jess is a Psychology and Criminal Justice double major with a minor in Community and Justice Studies from San Francisco, Calif. She chose Guilford because of the welcoming vibes she felt during her first visit and because of the Bonner Scholars Program. Jess’s favorite part of her first year was making friends and getting to know the campus culture.
She chose to become a Peer Guide because she wants to use her experience and knowledge about Guilford to help incoming students have a smooth transition to college. An interesting fact about Jess is she’s a type one diabetic.

To learn more about Guilford College’s exceptional first-year experience, call the Office of Admission today at 336.316.2100.