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July 1, 2019

Getting Out, Doing More

By Jhanna Vasser '19
Becoming a Community and Justice Studies major united Kyra Stanley ’21 with her passion to get involved.

“The reality behind it is if you don’t really raise enough noise, things can go under.”

Kyra Stanley '21
Community and Justice Studies major

Born and raised in Princeton, N.C., Kyra Stanley ’21 says, “The deciding factor to come to Guilford was their network with a lot of nonprofits and the ability to have closer relationships with professors.” Plus, her love for and involvement in social-justice issues is the passion burning behind her academic focus.

“Growing up with less than others is what led me into this pathway, of having this want and need to help other people,” Kyra says. “I jumped around with being a teacher, a nurse, you know, the whole nine yards of people who help others!”

Kyra started as a Peace and Conflict Studies major, but her desire to be more active led to her switching to Community and Justice Studies. “[As a Peace and Conflict Studies major] I learned a lot about third-party intervention, mediation, and how to go about social-justice issues in a nonviolent way. You learn all that in Community and Justice Studies, too, plus you have the chance to get out and do something.”

And she’s really getting out there, trying to find her niche.

“I do a lot of community work. I’ve worked with ECAR [Every Campus a Refuge]; I worked at a homeless shelter downtown where I bring food to people; and I’m actually going to start dog walking with the local shelter. I also work with DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion).”

As Kyra moves forward in her Guilford career, she has hopes for what her major will teach her. And after graduation she plans to go into nonprofit fundraising and management. “I want to know more about how to permanently change political and oppressive systems,” she says, “and how to further help those who experience the emotional strain of those systems.”

Her advice for incoming Guilfordians? Jump right in!

“Guilford has an amazing environment for allowing you to challenge how you see the world and how you can impact it for the better,” she says. “Getting involved on campus and the greater Greensboro community is essential to getting the best experience out of Guilford.”

Are you interested in solving problems and getting involved in the community? Schedule a visit to Guilford to find out if the Community and Justice Studies major is right for you.