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June 18, 2019

Ron Cardwell Article on Accounting Doctoral Shortage Accepted for Publication

The article “The accounting doctoral shortage: Accounting faculty opinions on hiring JD-CPAS as accounting educators” by Ronald O. Cardwell, Assistant Professor of Accounting, has been accepted for publication in Administrative Issues Journal: Education, Practice & Research (2019 Volume 9, Issue 1), a peer-reviewed journal publishing insights and solutions on common issues faced in the fields of business, health care administration, education, public administration, and ethics. Ron's collaborators on this research paper are Ramsey L. Cardwell (University of North Carolina at Greensboro), J.T. Norris, Jr. (University of the Incarnate Word-TX) and Michael P. Forrest (University of the Incarnate Word-TX). 

The article reviews how the Juris Doctor-CPA alternative credential is viewed by three academic accreditation bodies and current accounting faculty at SACS-accredited institutions of higher education. The study found that JD-CPA accounting educators are widely present in accounting faculties and that there is a general willingness among current accounting faculty at SACS accredited colleges and universities (large and small) to consider JD-CPAs for tenure-track accounting faculty positions as one option to address the chronic shortage of PhDs in accounting.