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April 8, 2019

Art Majors Present at Exhibition

Above: Guilford College - Senior Art Theses 2019 - Mikayla Jones -  Docile

The Guilford College Art Department presents works by six Art majors in the 2019 Senior Thesis Art Exhibition, UPROOT, in the Bauman Galleries, second floor, Founders Hall on the College campus. An opening reception will be held Friday, April 19, from 5 to 7 p.m. Admission to the exhibition and reception is free, and Founders Hall is open to the public daily from 9 a.m to 7 p.m.

Mia Marie Masucci's "Blossoming Into Blue" pottery

Guilford College - Senior Art Theses 2019 - Mia Marie Masucci - Blossoming into Blue

UPROOT represents a wide range of interests from animals, history, surface, and form, to concerns with identity, the body, and facets of nature. The artists in this exhibition are brought together through their shared year-long thesis experience; working separately but alongside one another in the studios in the recently renovated art building, Hege-Cox Hall.

To participate in the optional honors Senior Thesis Exhibition, students must apply in their junior year and have at least a 3.25 GPA in art. Selected students partake in a rigorous program of independent work, group critiques, and a required professional practices course, which culminates in their final group exhibition.

Margaret Larson's "Untitled Vines" pottery

Guilford College - Senior Art Theses 2019 - Margaret Larson - Untitled (Vines)

Participating artists and their areas of specialization are:

  • Natalie Bodian: Born in Silver Spring, Md., Natalie is a Bachelor of Arts candidate with a major in Art, a focus in Painting, and a minor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Her acrylic paintings use stylization, collage, and patterns  to investigate the nature of womanhood and intimacy through her love of horses. Through these work Natalie aims to subvert and recreate common cultural narratives about horses in art and women who love horses by making space for ambiguity, hybridity, and silliness.
  • Mikayla Jones: Born and raised in Raleigh, N.C., Mikayla is a Bachelor of Arts candidate double majoring in Art (Ceramics) and International Studies (East Asian Studies). Her sculptures explore the relationships between humans and animals through texture and form. She researches the mannerisms and body languages of different animals and humans. Manipulating the clay in a visceral manner, she integrates fantasy, and elements of her dreams, to express her personal experiences. 
  • Erin Kye: From King, N.C., Erin Kye is a Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate in Printmaking, with a minor in Documentary Filmmaking. Erin's large multilayered woodblock monoprints explore her fascination with patterns in nature. Each monoprint within her thesis exhibition contains the same three carved woodblocks, printed in full or abstracted to create different imagery within the series. Erin manipulates color and texture to mimic the endless variations that can be found within natural patterns. 
  • Jayson Thorpe: A North Carolina native from Randleman, N.C., Jayson is a Bachelor of Arts candidate in Drawing, with a minor in U.S. History. His thesis combines his passion for drawing and history in illustrations of iconic events and people from North Carolina’s past.
  • Mia Marie Masucci: Raised in New York City, Mia began working with clay while in high school and is now a Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate focusing in Ceramics. Working in porcelain, Mia creates works that are simultaneously decorative and functional. Included in her thesis exhibit is a large collection of cups hand painted with flower motifs inspired by Japanese prints. In her other works, she utilizes slip trailing to make the flower designs seem to pop from the pots.
  • Margaret Larson: Born and raised in Chapel Hill, N.C., Margaret Larson is a Bachelor of Arts candidate majoring in Art with a focus on Ceramics. She creates large hand-built ceramic pots with local North Carolina clay and uses painting and carving techniques to add enlarged floral imagery to the surfaces. She cites the ideas of femininity, strength, and taking up space as inspiration for her art, while commenting on the intersection of fine arts and craft and how women are viewed in the art world.
Natalie Bodian's "Cowgirls Get the Blues" piece

Guilford College - Senior Art Theses 2019 - Natalie Bodian - Cowgirls Get the Blues

The Art Department at Guilford College is a fine arts studio program, which provides an in-depth experience in making images and formulating and crafting ideas. Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture, Photography, and Ceramics are the primary focus areas. The classroom/studio is highly interactive and dynamic, and provides one-on-one instruction and guidance, as well as the support and stimulation of interchange with classmates. The distinction of the Art major at Guilford lies in the development of each student's creative potential.

Founded in 1837 by the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Guilford College is the third oldest co-educational college in the country. It is an independent North Carolina college. Guilford continues to rank among America's best higher education institutions, according to the Princeton Review's annual rankings.

Erin Kye's "Growth" piece

Guilford College - Senior Art Theses 2019 - Erin Kye - Growth

All images courtesy of the artists ©2019.

▪    Natalie Bodian, "Cowgirls Get the Blues"
▪    Mikayla Jones, "Docile"
▪    Erin Kye, "Growth"
▪    Mia Marie Masucci, "Blossoming into Blue"
▪    Margaret Larson, "Untitled (Vines)"
▪    Jayson Thorpe, "Ocracoke, NC, 1782 (Edward Teach)"

Jayson Thorpe's "Ocracoke NC 1782 Edward Teach" drawing

Guilford College - Senior Art Theses 2019 - Jayson Thorpe, Ocracoke, NC, 1782 (Edward Teach)