February 6, 2019

Terry Schwartz appointed Fellow, International Institute for Sport Business and Leadership, University of Guelph.

Terry Schwartz, Visiting Instructor in the Department of Sport Studies, was appointed Fellow , International Institute for Sport Business and Leadership at the University of Guelph.

According to the website (https://www.uoguelph.ca/business/sport/mission) “The institute is diverse in its nature and globally focused on its research, impact and membership. The primary mandate of the institute is to collaborate with academics and industry from across the world to produce peer-reviewed and industry-impacting research of the highest quality and be recognized as a place where future scholars in sport business are trained. The work, membership and application of the institute will seek equity, balance and relevance to all genders, diverse groups, indigenous peoples, and persons with a disability.

A primary mandate of the institution is to connect the University of Guelph to industry experts and academic leaders who are seeking to advance the Canadian sport landscape and act as a “think-tank” to tackle the challenges that sport leaders face while trying to build a sustainable sport system, while positively supporting the five pillars of the University of Guelph’s Strategic Framework.

The institute endeavors to fulfill the University of Guelph’s mission to “improve life.”