January 11, 2019

Bob Williams Presents Two Papers at National Conferences

Last week, Bob Williams presented a paper entitled “Federal Wealth Policies and the Perpetuation of White Supremacy” at the Allied Social Science Association conference in Atlanta. 

This paper is an invited work that will be published later this year by Routledge in an edited work entitled The Political Economy of Racism in the US: Economic Stratification in 'Post-Racial' America (Dr. Michelle Holder et al, eds.) Anyone who is interested can read the paper here. Bob also served as a discussant on another panel entitled “The Social Determinants of Health and Wealth”. 

Additionally, Bob presented a paper entitled “Intergeneration Legacy: Looking Beyond Reported Transfers” at the ICAPE conference, also in Atlanta, GA. Interested readers can find a copy of the paper here. 

Bob appreciates greatly the ongoing support of his research by the Faculty Development Committee and the Kenan Faculty Development funds.