December 4, 2018

Bob Williams Presents at SEA Conference

Bob Williams attended the Southern Economic Association Conference in Washington DC (November 18-20, 2018).

At the conference, he presented a paper entitled “Revisiting the Racial Wealth Gap: Cultural Differences or Racial Stratification”. This paper examines the underlying circumstances for why the typical White household holds ten times the wealth of typical Black or Latinx households. While some have argued these wealth disparities are due to cultural differences that influence household behavior, his empirical evidence offers negligible support for this view.

Instead, he finds that structural disparities in opportunities are the primary cause. 

The interested reader can find the paper using this link:

\\gcstore\users\bwillia2\My Documents\Professional\URPE at SEA 2018 Paper.pdf.

Bob is extremely grateful to the support extended by the Faculty Development Committee and the college’s Kenan Faculty Development Funds.