December 7, 2018

Art Professor Antoine Williams Awarded Harpo Foundation Grant

Assistant Professor of Art Antoine Williams has been awarded a Harpo Foundation Grant for 2019. 

“The Harpo Foundation’s mission is to support emerging artists early in their career,” Antoine explains. “They have a number of different programs, but I was one of five people to win the ‘grant for visual artists,’ which serves to give monetary awards to under-recognized artists 21 years or older.” Awards are given for up to $10,000. 

The money is intended to support Antoine’s practice for the next year. He plans to use the award on supplies for painting, printmaking, site-specific installations and travel. 

“Awards like this are important because they fund ideas that are more experimental and ambitious,” he says. “You can focus on the work without having to worrying about art sales or the market.”

Antoine has begun work on a new series of paintings entitled Portrait of a Super Predator. "It is about the dehumanization of young Black bodies," he explains.

The paintings are made out of a process that creates what is called acrylic skins, something Antoine has been experimenting with. The funds from the grant will be put toward creating more of these pieces. 

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