October 12, 2018

George Guo’s Book The Politics of the Core Leader in China Set to Publish January 2019

Cambridge University Press has completed copyediting for George Guo’s new book, The Politics of the Core Leader in China, and will put it on the market in January 2019.

About the Book

This book provides a detailed, comprehensive look at the "core" of the CCP leadership and analyzes its cultural, philosophical, and ideological origin and its historical evolution. It investigates the structure, logic, and dynamics of CCP elite politics from the angle of the “core,” and the self-regulating, adjusting, or adapting features whereby the Chinese political system can achieve a stable and unified polity. This study introduces a new research direction to synthesize different, even contending, approaches and theories by employing the Chinese paradigm and offering an alternative conceptual approach for the study of CCP elite politics. The purpose of this research is to introduce an eclectic approach, integrating analytical perspectives and insights from Chinese political history, philosophy, and mainstream Western methodologies in the study of elite politics that also explain the consistent patterns of elite politics and high-ranking party leaders’ behavior in times of cooperation and conflict. Specifically, this study examines how political evolution and development in the CCP leadership across leadership generations can be evaluated from a holistic and integrative perspective.

George Guo is a professor of political science at Guilford College and the author of The Ideal Chinese Political Leader: A Historical and Cultural Perspective (Praeger, 2001) and China's Security State: Philosophy, Evolution, and Politics (Cambridge University Press, 2012). In addition, his articles have appeared in many books and prestigious international journals such as The China Quarterly and The China Journal.