September 27, 2018

Robin Vest and Beth Ritson Praised for Recent Design and Acting Work

Robin Vest and Beth Ritson received praise for their work on Triad Stage’s And Then There Were None.

Assistant Professor of Theatre Studies, Robin Vest, designed the 30’s seaside manor the Agatha Christie play takes place in. Theatre Studies’ adjunct professor of acting, directing, and public speaking, Beth Ritson, played Emily Brent. 

In the article published in the News and Record Lynn Jessup said of Vest’s set design, “I could walk in this theater and stare at just the set for hours.  It defies description, it is transcendent, it is beyond’ And noted that Ritson was “strikingly silhouetted” as Emily Brent.

And Then There Were None was a great success for Greensboro’s LORT D regional theatre, Triad Stage, who has extended it’s run through October 7th.

The full article can be read here.