April 27, 2018

Guilford Celebrates Spring Awards Ceremony

The College community gathered in the Carnegie Room on April 25 to recognize outstanding students and faculty at the annual Spring Awards Celebration. The honorees included Dr. Rob Whitnell, who received the Guilford College Board of Visitors’ Award for Excellence in Academic Advising.

The celebration also recognized dozens of students for their superior scholarship and service. See the program for a full list of the honorees.

Rob, a 24-year faculty member, serves as Professor of Chemistry. Much of his current research is focused on improving processes for hands-on undergraduate learning in physical chemistry. 

In presenting the honor, Vice President of Advancement Ara Serjoie shared a few words from one of Rob’s students:

“From last minute recommendation letters to asking him to help me maneuver through my major and figure out what I need to do — because I was rethinking my life all over again — he genuinely cares about me and all of his students. It is clear that he loves his job and being at Guilford College.”

Frank Boyd, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean, presented the Bruce B. Stewart Awards for Teaching and Community Service to Will Pizio (Tenured/Teaching Excellence), Krista Craven (Non-Tenured/Teaching Excellence) and Deidre Pearman (Staff/Community Service). 

The ceremony also celebrated the six distinguished faculty members who retired last year and have been recognized with emeritus status:

Kathrynn Adams — Professor of Psychology, 37 years of service
Rudy Gordh — Professor of Mathematics, 43 years of service 
David Hammond — Professor of Theatre Studies, 10 years of service
Jerry Joplin — Professor of Justice and Policy Studies, 18 years of service
Tim Lindeman — Professor of Music, 28 years of service
Caryl Schunk — Assistant Professor of Education Studies, 12 years of service