January 3, 2018

Will Pizio Publishes Book About Succeeding in College

Professor of Criminal Justice Will Pizio has had a book published by A2Z Publishing entitled Preparing Yourself to Succeed in College: A Professor’s Guide to Choosing a College and Thriving in Your First Year

Will Pizio

Will Pizio

Professor of Criminal Justice/Graduate Program Director

High school juniors and seniors who are planning on attending college are the primary audience and the book asserts that they must “take charge and invest” in their future now to be a successful college student in the future. The book elaborates on how to choose the best college suited to a person’s needs and provides tools for efficiency and effectiveness with academics. There is a chapter dedicated to students with learning disabilities, and there is even a chapter for parents to read and get a better understanding of what their young adult is preparing for in college. The book is available for purchase at www.williampizio.com.