January 19, 2018

CPPS Faculty Fellows Call for Applications

The Center for Principled Problem Solving is seeking letters of interest from Guilford College faculty members for 2018-2019 CPPS Faculty Fellowships.

The CPPS Faculty Fellowship offers Guilford College faculty members the opportunity to advance the work of principled problem solving at Guilford over the course of an academic year. During that period, fellowship recipients work directly with the CPPS staff to shape and advance the priorities of the Center and to advance a PPS project of their choosing. The fellowship project will be consistent with the faculty member’s experience and interests and developed in conversation with the Center staff. Possible projects may include but are not limited to a targeted hands-on PPS project, a PPS research undertaking, creating new or retooling existing syllabi to match PPS priorities, PPS faculty seminar development. For 2018-2019 the Center will prioritize applications that advance the College’s strategic priority of affirming the centrality of students through the creation of dynamic learning opportunities. The fellowship project may be completed during the fellowship term or become an on-going or occasional feature of the Center’s future efforts.

This is a part-time appointment, roughly the equivalent of one day per week.  In addition to the Fellowship Project, CPPS Fellows are required to participate in Faculty Fellows and CPPS Board of Advisors meetings and support CPPS Programming, and CPPS leadership events. Faculty selected for the fellowship will be released from one course in either the fall or spring semester and receive $4,000 in additional pay. Funds will be made available to the fellowship recipient’s department to compensate for the course release and they will have access to additional funds for programming, materials or travel expenses related to the fellowship project. Fellows are selected by the CPPS Director in conversation with the relevant Department Chair and with the approval of the Academic Dean.

Those interested in being considered for this position should submit a letter of interest directly or by email to the CPPS Director, Mark Justad, by February 9, 2018. The letter of interest should include one’s reasons for seeking the fellowship, indication of relevant interests and experience, and an initial description of a project to be undertaken during the fellowship including a timeline and anticipated outcomes. Please contact Mark for further details if necessary.

It is anticipated that the selection process will be completed by March 2, 2018. Questions should be directed to Mark Justad at extension 2853 or by email at justadmj@guilford.edu.

Past Guilford College CPPS Faculty Fellows

*Kyle Dell, Political Science, Environmental Studies  *Sherry Giles, Justice & Policy Studies, Community Studies *Karen Hayes, Psychology  *David Hammond, Theatre Studies  *Jack Zerbe, Theatre Studies  *Jeff Jeske, English *Nancy Daukas, Philosophy  *Naadiya Hasan, Sociology  *Julie Winterich, Sociology and WGSS  *Dave Limburg, German  *Vance Ricks, Philosophy  *Lavon Williams, Sports Studies  *Krista Craven, Justice & Policy Studies *Thomas Guthrie, Anthropology  *David Hildreth, Education  *Holly Peterson, Geology  *Christine Stracey, Biology *Diya Abdo, English, *Damon Akins, History  *Eric Mortensen, Religious Studies  *Zhihong Chen, History *Michael Dutch, Business Administration * Mylène Dressler, English