December 13, 2017

Dream-Building Alliance

This week I had the distinct privilege of joining a select group of higher-education leaders around the country in launching the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration. Our aim is to develop high-impact collaboration between colleges and universities as we work together to more effectively address immigration-related issues on our campuses. 

Most importantly, we want to create a welcoming environment for immigrant, undocumented and international students as we relentlessly push for government policies that support them in their quests to achieve educational goals. You can see more about the Alliance’s mission, goals and membership here:

Our first order of business is persuading Congress to create legislation that permanently protects Dreamers. This is much more than the right thing to do — it’s one of the best things we can do to advance our country. At Guilford, we not only embrace our Dreamers — we are grateful for their many contributions, including their diverse perspectives and talents that continually enrich the quality of our learning community. We are a stronger college because of all they share with us.

In return, it is incumbent on Guilford College, as well as every American institution of higher learning, to ensure our Dreamers are afforded equal access, support and freedoms in pursuing educational excellence. Guilford’s longstanding Core Values compel us to do so with unwavering conviction and enthusiasm. 

My fervent desire is our Alliance will have a meaningful and far-reaching impact in transforming national policies and attitudes that demonstrate appropriate respect and care for our immigrant populations. I hope you will support our collective efforts to help keep their dreams alive — free from fear and oppression. 

Building a better world has always been a team effort. We should be in this together. Because, in reality, aren’t we are all dreamers?