November 9, 2017

Recent Publications: Gwen Gosney Erickson on Twentieth Century Quaker History and the Evolution of Libraries

Gwen Gosney Erickson, Friends Historical Collection Librarian and College Archivist, has three new publications. 

Gwen Erickson

Gwen Erickson

Quaker Librarian and College Archivist

Her book chapter, based on a presentation made in June of this year, offers a series of considerations for historians and scholars to reflect on as they study twentieth-century Quaker history and the history of Quaker founded institutions. Her feature article in Friends Journal, a national Quaker magazine, highlights the recent strategic planning process and transformation of Hege Library to Academic Commons with images from Guilford’s library over the past century. All three reflect on stereotypes, caution assumptions, and offer suggestions for deeper reflection on what we do and do not choose to value.

"Library as Metaphor: Entering a New Chapter," Friends Journal, November 2017 (online and print editions).

"Escaping the Dusty Bookcase," Friends Journal, November 2017 (online edition only).

"Defining Quaker History in the Twentieth Century? Cultural Memory, Quaker Identity, and Archives," in An Early Assessment: U.S. Quakerism in the 20th Century: Papers from the Quaker History Roundtable, June 8 - 11, 2017, edited by Chuck Fager, 2017 (available in library [Quaker BX7637.F34 E27 2017] or for purchase through Amazon)