November 6, 2017

Community Scholar Star Student of the Week — 10/30

Kylee Crook '19, Bonner Center for Community Service and Learning

Above: (from left to right) Chantea Neal '20, Michael Critton '20, Meredith Humphreys '20, Kaylie Chase '20, Brittany Booth CCE and Jeremiah Hedrick '20. 

Working in a community like Cottage Grove provides me with the opportunity to see the health disparity firsthand.

Michael Critton '20
Community Scholar, Public Health and Business double major

Michael Critton ’20 has earned his spot as Community Scholar Star Student of the Week through his deep commitment to the work he and fellow Guilfordians are doing in the Cottage Grove Community. 

Cottage Grove is a predominantly black community on the east side of Greensboro that is also home to a community of Bhutanese refugees. Cottage Grove lacks many health resources and struggles to provide the health needs of the community. The partnership between the Bonner Center for Community Service and Learning and Cottage Grove is meant to address health disparities through working to overcome language barriers, cultural differences and access to medical care. The community delegates leaders who in turn cooperate with volunteers. 

Michael is a Public Health and Business double major, which aligns smoothly with the goals and expertise requirements to be a leader in this effort. In his role, he coordinates events including health fairs and community workshops and tackles some of the logistic and administrative responsibilities necessary to maintain and well-run and meaningful relationship between the Community Scholars and Cottage Grove. He takes the initiative to get to know every new volunteer as they adjust to their partnership with Cottage Grove.

Michael aspires to continue to make a name for himself at Cottage Grove, hoping to see its residents have equal and improved access to the resources they need to support a healthy community. To accomplish this, Michael says he hopes to work toward the continued empowerment of the community’s residents, giving them more say in the decisions and opportunities available to them and their families. He especially wants to see the children of these communities benefit from a healthy, safe environment. 

“These children are the future of their communities and can be the future of Greensboro,” Michael says.
Michael, thank you for your passion, integrity, and community-changing soul! It was such a pleasure getting to learn more about the vital progress you are contributing to within the greater community. Here’s to celebrating the milestones you are making! Love, Bonner.