October 4, 2017

Community Scholar Star of the Week — 9/25

Kylee Crook, Bonner Center for Community Service and Learning


Sophia Perlmutter '18 has been chosen as the Community Scholar Star of the Week!

Sophia, a Sustainable Food Systems major, is the 2017-18 president of the Food Justice Club. She is also a hunger fellow with the Bonner Center for Community Service and Learning, coordinating the Mobile Market, which shares food from the College farm with refugee communities in the greater Greensboro area. 

Sophia has played a huge role in the growth of the Mobile Market, which started in 2014. Now part of the Sustainable Food Systems major, the Mobile Market is a two-credit class, providing opportunities for students with different backgrounds and beliefs to come together under one vision: food sovereignty and the development of intentional community relationships. The mission of the Food Justice Club is to promote food security in the on- and off-campus community, to share a passion for environmentally sustainable food, and to celebrate culturally appropriate foods.

Until April of 2016, Greensboro was ranked No. 1 in the nation for food insecurity. Even today, it is one of the top 10 cities for hunger and issues with access to food. Because of this great need, the work Sophia and the Food Justice Club are doing is especially vital to addressing the needs of the Guilford County and Greensboro area.
Beyond this work, Sophia dreams of creating language classes between the Food Justice Club and the communities that students are serving in. While students can teach immigrants a bit of English, the volunteers can learn a bit of a community’s native language as well. The goal is to bridge language barriers and to show that while the volunteers are technically doing the service, they are also learning and gaining from the communities they are serving.
Sophia, thank you for the time, effort and love you give to our campus and community. We appreciate you and are so thrilled to celebrate the amazing work you’re doing. Bonner Love!