September 5, 2017

Putting It Into Practice

Kelly Martin ’18 wants to pay it forward with her career. That’s why she’s on the path to becoming a physical therapist. She'll spend the summer interning with Break Through Physical Therapy as a Greensboro Opportunities Fellow and then work for the next seven months as a fellow with the Winston Salem Fellows Program. After gaining this invaluable experience, Kelly will apply to physical therapy school in July 2019. 

During her time as a Guilford student, Kelly interned at Proflex Physical Therapy in Waldorf, Md., the same physical therapy clinic that helped her recover from a torn ACL.

It gives me a unique advantage over someone who might just be approaching it from a science perspective — I’ve got a more well-rounded approach.

Kelly Martin '18
Exercise and Sport Science major, Education Studies minor

A varsity women’s lacrosse player, Exercise and Sport Science major, and an Education Studies minor, Kelly understands why you might assume she’s aiming for a job in high school P.E.

“People always ask me if I’m going to be a P.E. teacher, but there’s actually so much of my education coursework that’s relevant to being a good physical therapist,” she says. “You are a physical educator in a rehabilitation setting. You’re teaching someone how to use a part of their body again, how to heal. You need to understand how people learn and respond differently, what motivates them. My Education Studies minor helps me do that.”

She’s also excited to draw the parallels between what she observed in the clinic and what she’ll learn in the Exercise and Sport Science classroom. 

“The physical therapist I assisted would make decisions about one treatment over another, and I’m really excited to be in class this year — say in my Therapeutic Modalities class — and be able to have that lightbulb moment and know why he made those choices for his patients.” 

Applications to physical therapy school are next on Kelly’s agenda. She’ll need to take the GRE and go through the interview process, but she’s set herself up to succeed. Along with her coursework, Guilford gave her the opportunity to further prepare when the Health Sciences Department invited Campbell University to visit campus and provide information on their Health Professions Readiness and Enrichment Program (HPREP), which Kelly attended. 

“Now that I’m a senior and have all the prerequisite work in both Sports Science and Education finished, everything is coming together,” she says. “I think that’s really unique, for me to be coming at physical therapy from both perspectives. It gives me a unique advantage over someone who might just be approaching it from a science perspective - I’ve got a more well-rounded approach.”

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