September 7, 2017

4 Things You MUST Do Before You Graduate from Guilford

This goes out to the class of 2018! And 2019 ... 2020 ... 2021 ... and here's lookin' at you, 2022! Guilford alums living and working Atlanta name the must-attend events and don’t-miss-out-on experiences that’ll help you make the most out of your time at Guilford. 

Support Your Fellow Guilfordians

Plug in to campus and get connected with the wonderful people that make up this community. Check out the online events calendar and see what's happening on campus on a given week. 

“Stay on campus and get connected. Get out on the quad, or in the woods or by the lake and meet people. I found so many people with cool, different interests by just hanging out at Guilford. From there, you’ll find people to go do off campus things with.” — Adriana Ortiz '12, Red Bull Musketeer

“I was an athlete, so I would go to all the other sporting events and that was really fun. But I’d also go to art shows, listen to speakers, and see plays. Get involved. There’s so much really amazing student work on campus and you’d be missing out to not go check out what your fellow Quakers are doing.” — Erin Beacham '02, director of education, Anti-Defamation League Southeast

Take a Unique Class

Guilford’s curriculum is full of creative, unique, hands-on learning opportunities. Take advantage of that and take something that might seem unusual or out of your comfort zone.

“Maia Dery’s Creativity Vocation and Success class was incredibly meaningful in my final semester at Guilford. She created this incredible opportunity to make time to really think about what success looked like, to synthesize my experiences at Guilford, and to deeply think about how to start building the life I wanted to live. It is one of the classes I would most recommend.” — Jess St. Louis '13, independent contractor for nonprofit communications and former director of communications, research and evaluation, US Human Rights Network

Study Abroad

Guilford has study abroad programs in countries all over the world, and alumni cite the experience as the single most informative and transformative of their time at Guilford. 

“Study abroad. Study abroad. Study abroad. I don’t care if you play 13 sports, take a semester off and study abroad. Study abroad in Ghana! There are very few schools that have direct programs with countries like Ghana.” — Chris Lett '06, Field Producer at CNN

“I went to Munich and it changed my life. I know that sounds cliche, but it’s true. Going to Germany, traveling around Europe on my own, was the most incredible experience of my life.” — Bradley George '02, Atlanta Bureau Chief, Georgia Public Broadcasting 


“Y’all still do Serendipity, right?!?” — Erin Beacham '02

Oh, yes. We sure do!