August 28, 2017

High Riser

Student-athlete, Chapel Hill, N.C., native, and Woods Charter School alum Leonard McNair '19 knows what it means to be part of a team, and he brought that knowledge and more to the soon-to-open AC Hotel Chapel Hill.

As an intern for the assistant general manager, Leonard helped prepare for the hotel’s fall open by working on a myriad of projects ranging from marketing and communications work, research, project management and human resources. 

“Along with my daily responsibilities, I got to be a part of the hiring process! I just turned 20, so I was 19 at the time, and I’ve already experienced what it’s like to be a part of the conversation when businesses make personnel decisions.”

A Business Administration major and Psychology minor, this internship allowed Leonard to put into practice some of the concepts he learned in the classroom. “I’ve taken several Accounting and Economics courses, so when I had to work with numbers it was no problem because I already had the experience.”

If I hadn’t met with the CDC, I never would have reached out to Empowerment and ended up with this internship at the AC Hotel.

He landed such a cool gig through a combination of good fortune and preparedness. “I’m a Bonner Scholar, so I had to have a summer of service. I volunteered with an organization called Empowerment, a division of which is called Career Explorers that works to connect high school seniors and college students with internship opportunities. Because I was doing so well, they wanted to place me in a paid internship. So, they set up my interview with the hotel, and I was able to both intern and volunteer in one summer!” 

Leonard also worked with the Career Development Center (CDC), reviewing his resume and looking for good fits for volunteer opportunities. “If I hadn’t met with the CDC, I never would have reached out to Empowerment and ended up with this internship at the AC Hotel.”

An aspiring entrepreneur, Leonard wants to enter the world of business and has already tried his hand at it a few times with a hair-cutting business, a clothing line and basketball training. He’s excited about the flexibility that entrepreneurship can offer.

“I love the idea of being my own boss and setting my own schedule.”

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