May 2, 2017

Love for Campus

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

Ayellor Karbah ’17 is something of a Renaissance Man. When asked about the things that take up his free time, he mentions soccer, track and field, volunteering, juggling, solving Rubik’s Cubes, listening to music, sketching, staying up to date on the news and meeting new people — just to name a few!

With a vision to help his community, Ayellor prepared himself by majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Community Studies. Ayellor, currently a United States citizen and a resident of Providence, R.I., called Monrovia, Liberia, home before coming to Guilford. Space and place are important to him, with several campus locations holding special meaning.

“The Lake, the woods, the basement of Bauman — and the graffiti wall – those places are very relaxing,” he says. “It is beautiful to hear the birds sing there. I feel at peace whenever I find myself in these spots on campus.”

With a soft spot for bird song, it’s no wonder Ayellor’s favorite season on campus is spring. “I love spring. The flowers and the grass always make the campus so beautiful that time of year.”

After graduation, he plans on putting his major to work by pursuing a career in law enforcement, first with the New Jersey State Police, and later potentially transitioning into a career with the FBI or the Secret Service.