March 10, 2016

Vision for Excellence Raises $9.1 Million

Guilford College raised $9.1 million for student scholarships, faculty support, academic and co-curricular programs, and capital projects in its Vision for Excellence campaign that concluded in February.

Vision for Excellence was a “bridge” campaign that began in July 2014 as Jane K. Fernandes assumed the College presidency and followed a $60 million Advancing Excellence campaign. College trustees led committees of volunteers, each focused on a specific VFE campaign initiative.

“Vision for Excellence succeeded in keeping Guilford’s fundraising in high gear over the last 20 months,” Jane said. “We involved many new volunteers, increased faculty contact with potential donors, including alumni, and discovered many new opportunities for planned gifts. I am very grateful to the donors who contributed generously to our mission with their gifts.”

Of the $9.1 million raised in cash, pledges and planned gifts, $2.8 million was committed to programs, $2 million to scholarships and $744,000 to faculty support. Nearly $1 million was committed through unrestricted gifts, and more than $700,000 to capital projects.

More than $1.9 million was committed to annual funds that support annual operating expenses – exceeding the established goal.

Trustees on Feb. 27 decided to conclude the VFE campaign as Guilford refocuses Advancement Division operations following the retirement of Vice President Mike Poston in February. A national search is underway for a new vice president and there are other vacancies on staff.

“After close consultation with trustees, it was determined that we should lay down a structured campaign for now and focus our existing staff resources on general fundraising for current College needs,” Jane said. “For example, our Annual Funds momentum from VFE can continue without a campaign structure surrounding that work.”

In the Advancing Excellence and Vision for Excellence campaigns, Guilford raised more than $69 million in about 10 years.