April 26, 2016

Simplifying the Language of Learning

As a software engineer for IBM Watson Health, Jeremy Wayne Gilreath ’15 specializes in coding and developing complex computer language, but his considerable skills go well beyond the technical realm.

Jeremy came to Guilford with an already impressive portfolio in the making. He sought to complement his bachelor’s degree in the social sciences and some graduate school studies with a bachelor’s degree in Computing Technology and Information Systems from Guilford College.

“I became a better writer, public speaker, and collaborator through my Guilford education,” Jeremy says. “Additionally, by enabling me to take the lead in team projects and allowing me to complete an independent study in Digital Systems Construction, I gained a strong foundation of leadership experience and technical understanding of development. These all combined to set me apart from many of my peers professionally.”

Jeremy says that the many benefits of his Guilford education come down to a relatively simple focus: “the idea of excellence.”

As he puts it, “Excellence that begins with teaching a strong technical grasp of your chosen field and ends with fostering a sense of urgency around growing as a person of character. A Guilford education prepares you to truly be an excellent world citizen.”

In addition to his work at IBM, Jeremy is developing a video game, which he says involves so much more than programming for entertainment. He has a bigger purpose in mind.

“Video games, like other interactive media, contain a lot of magic — a lot of power to teach,” Jeremy says. “Making a video game that encourages learning and education in a variety of subjects is my goal. If I'm fortunate, it will allow me to work for myself, focusing on using my talents and interests as stepping stones to improving the world in my own way.”