April 23, 2015

Seven Seniors Exhibit Artwork

Works by seven art majors will be featured in PITH, the 2015 senior thesis art exhibition, May 1-15 in the Bauman Galleries, Founders Hall.

The exhibition’s title, PITH, reflects the students’ desire to make art that is vigorous, substantial and meaningful. Each artist draws upon her own sense of “pith,” creating aesthetic surfaces that reflect inner core. Participating artists and their areas of specialization are:

Margaret Flath
Durham, North Carolina native Margaret Flath is a Bachelor of Arts candidate in ceramics. Her body of thesis work is comprised of a variety of functional forms meant for daily use—mugs, jars, and jugs. Flath employs the process of wood firing, and communicates her passion for mark making through crosshatched surface designs.

Eleanora Keene
A Bachelor of Arts candidate in oil painting from Wittman, Maryland, Keene draws from life experiences and travels to create vivid landscapes that reflect her personal connection with the natural world.

Raina Martens
From Mount Rainier, Maryland, and Champaign, Illinois, Martens is a Bachelor of Arts candidate in sculpture. Her thesis work uses glaze chemistry and functional ceramic forms to transform toxic coal ash collected from the Dan River in Eden, NC. Drawing from contemporary thought on the Anthropocene and modes of reparative critique, Martens explores material and corporeal realities of contemporary life. The work facilitates an aesthetic and intimate encounter with material from one of the largest environmental disasters in North Carolina.

Samantha Metzner
Hailing from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Metzner is a Bachelor of Arts candidate in photography. Her cyanotypes and caffenol prints expand on a combination of contemporary identity theories and a rich history of alternative photographic processes.

Isabel Ramirez
From Hillsborough, North Carolina, Isabel Ramirez is a Bachelor of Arts candidate in drawing, working most recently in mixed media and found object assemblage. Her thesis reveals an array of unexpected, sculptural relationships between the preserved and manipulated elements of decay. The work incorporates a collection of structures that illuminate the surreal dynamics of mental illness.

Samantha Saatzer
Greensboro, North Carolina native Samantha Saatzer is a Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate with a focus in painting. Her series of portraits that embody a silent dialogue of human emotion and expression influenced by her personal connection to the people she paints.

Gloria Taylor-Williams
Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Williams is a candidate for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with a concentration in oil painting. Her family and friends, in activities ranging from gardening to playing cards to making art and music, inspire her figurative narratives.