December 6, 2016

Seeing What Matters

Pursuing a doctorate in optometry at Ohio State University, Taylor Whitley ’14 is focused on a future that involves something much deeper than providing prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses. Her vision is to change lives.

Taylor is already doing just that. Her recent mission trip to Jamaica offered eye-opening experiences revealing the great good she can do.

“I was able to provide a first-time prescription to a 3-year-old boy who had never been able to see the world more than a few inches from his face,” she says. On the same trip, she persuaded a woman to seek immediate treatment at the hospital after observing signs of a recent stroke in her eye that put her at high risk for permanent sight loss.

“I get to help someone in a way that they cannot help themselves,” Taylor says. “The look on a person’s face when you provide them with clear vision or when you help save their life or vision is amazing.”

Guilford Was Worth ‘Every Penny’

Studying Forensic Accounting and Health Sciences at Guilford College, the former volleyball player says Guilford encouraged her to get involved and move beyond her comfort zone. Taylor says she learned to “embrace and love all people” while receiving academic preparation that has allowed her to excel in graduate school.

“The professors never allowed me to settle with just thinking enough to get by; they always pushed me to think deeper into the topic,” she says. “Thinking at a deeper level is a strategy I use every day in optometry school with patient care as I determine differential diagnosis and treatment plans.”

Taylor is on target to earn her doctorate in 2018, with hopes of returning to North Carolina and ultimately opening her own practice. She intends to provide eye care to orphanages and to offer mobile services, while also maintaining her commitment to mission work abroad.

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