April 18, 2016

Rewarding Transition

Like his fellow adult students, Adam Williams ’16 brings a unique set of life experiences to his pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. At Guilford College, he has found peace of mind and a promising fresh start.

“I've had a difficult time coming back to society after getting out of the military,” Adam says. “Being at Guilford has definitely been beneficial for that transition. I've been able to not only succeed academically, but also grow spiritually and emotionally during my time here.”

Adam adds that he’s appreciated Guilford’s “incredibly rich and stimulating intellectual environment.” His Psychology courses have stretched his thinking and given him critically important applied learning opportunities.

“In my psychology capstone course, I was able to get some hands-on experience with research through designing and conducting my own empirical study on meditation,” Adam says. “I learned a lot about the research process and was able to get some good experience writing up my study in a formal paper.”

When he’s not digging deep into research, Adam unwinds by taking part in the Outdoor Club and the Buddhist Fellowship Club. He says the Guilford woods are the perfect place to get away from it all and meditate. And through it all, he’s coming to peace about his future.

“I think my work at Guilford College has prepared me well for graduate school,” Adam says. “I look forward to doing some more research on the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.”