October 3, 2016

News and Record Covers Michael Pollan Talk in Bryan Series

The Greensboro News & Record covered author Michael Pollan’s speech to kick off the 2016-17 Bryan Series.

Michael, the author of several bestsellers about food and the intersection of the human and natural worlds, praised Guilford for creating a new major in sustainable food systems, calling it a “path-breaking move.”

View photos from Michael Pollan’s visit on the Bryan Series Facebook page (no login required).

During his prepared remarks, he described for the Bryan Series audience a series of different farms he has visited. At one huge potato farm, he learned that an incredibly toxic chemical is used to prevent a cosmetic defect in the potatoes. The farmer could simply grow a variety of potato that is naturally resistant to the cosmetic problem, but doing so would result in shorter French fries.

“There you have a link between our unconscious food preferences for a really long French fry and this whole chain of events that takes you back to this crazy practice on the field,” Michael said according to the News & Record story.

“That to me was a wakeup call to the fact that here at the eating end of the food chain we are implicated in what’s happening at the earth end of the food chain.”

View Triad City Beat’s photos of Michael Pollan from his visit to the Guilford College Farm. Eric Ginsburg ’10, the newspaper’s managing editor, took the photographs.

The next Bryan Series event, Oct. 18, will feature astronauts and identical twins Mark and Scott Kelly.