August 19, 2016

Moving "Home"

First-year students have the world at their feet. And that’s where Guilford comes in.

“I was specifically looking for a small liberal arts college somewhere warm,” says Toni Santos of Atlanta, Ga., by way of Connecticut. “I’m undecided on my major, but I’m interested in forensic science, philosophy and theater.”

Noah Lindberg of Rome, Ga., has a lot of interests, too. “I’m into theater. I’m also interested in traveling, so I’m definitely going to study abroad. My dream would be Japan or Spain.”

They’ll find all of that and more at Guilford, which makes their parents happy.

Passion and Academics

“Guilford is exactly what we were looking for,” says Toni’s mom, Carol Santos. “I know she’ll continue thriving here. A good school helps you discover yourself, what your interests are and how to shape your passions into a career.”

Noah’s mom agrees. “We’re excited to see him surrounded by a strong academic environment,” says Jessica Lindberg. “And we love the Quaker ideals. I have no reservations about him coming here.”

Settling In

Move-in day was a breeze for both students.

Once Toni was unpacked, she and Carol headed out shopping. “I have to have noodles! Ramen, mac and cheese, spaghetti, all of it,” Toni says.

Noah and his parents spent some time in the rocking chairs on Founders porch. He was all set with his must-have snack — Gummy Bears. “I have a five-pound container,” he says.

Three Words

Noah has three words to describe Guilford: “Campus is beautiful.” To him, this is already home.

To Toni, Guilford is about three things: community, comfort and diversity. “I’m looking forward to my classes and to meeting people,” she says. And there’s no homesickness in sight. “I don’t know if I’m in shock, and I’m not really nervous,” she says, “but it’s hitting me that wow, I’m really here!”

Indeed, Toni and Noah are here. And Guilford is pleased to welcome them home.