September 8, 2016

‘Meet Jane’

President Jane K. Fernandes and Guilford College will be featured on the next episode of the Emmy Award-winning series “Our State,” which will air on UNC-TV at 9 p.m. Monday, Sept. 12.

“Meet Jane Fernandes, president of Guilford College, who never let her deafness limit her and has now found a home at a Quaker school that values contemplation and silence,” the program says of the upcoming story. “Our State” tells two stories per 30-minute episode.

The segment has been almost 10 months in the making. The “Our State” crew started recording video for the segment on Nov. 14 at the final football game of the 2015 season, a dramatic 41-30 victory over Emory & Henry.

The crew returned to campus April 22 for interviews and footage of the eighth-annual Guilford Undergraduate Symposium in Hege Library. Additional video was taped at Commencement on May 13 and during a final campus visit on July 14.

The episode will be available for streaming on the UNC-TV website soon after it airs.

The “Our State” TV series is inspired by Our State magazine. The print magazine profiled Jane – “Surrounded By Silence, Guilford College President Finds Her Voice” – in its September 2015 issue. The issue was published days before Jane’s inauguration as Guilford’s ninth president.

“Here at Guilford College, I think that I can be whoever I am,” Jane told the magazine. “There will be multiple ways I can use my voice.”