April 18, 2016

Making Critical Connections

The portfolio Katie Fullerton ’16 has built at Guilford College is nothing short of impressive. To say she is at the high end of achievement would perhaps be an understatement.

Consider all the recognition she has earned: Honors Program, Quaker Leaders Scholarship Program (QLSP), Presidential Scholarship, First-Year Writing Award and the Religious Studies Writing Award.

Then consider all her experiences: writer for the Greenleaf Review Literary Magazine, study abroad in Prague, two Chemistry research projects, and two internships that have strengthened her desire to pursue a career in integrative healthcare.

The dynamic blend of her health sciences and religious studies majors has helped Katie make some life-shaping connections. Faculty members in religious studies have been particularly inspiring to her.

“My relationships with teachers in the Religious Studies Department have enhanced my experience more than I can say,” Katie says. “They have challenged me to think critically, and improved my ability to synthesize information and communicate orally and in writing. On top of that, they have made a genuine effort to build personal relationships with me.” She is also quick to praise Friends Center staff for their mentoring help with her role as a clerk of QLSP.

As she moves toward graduation and prepares for medical school applications, Katie says Guilford has helped her become much more confident. And it has to do with much more than her academic and co-curricular activities and achievements.

“The true value of Guilford for me is in the environment here,” she says. "I have been encouraged by peers, faculty, and staff to value myself and learn how best to find the intersection of my passions and the world's needs.”