August 6, 2015

Magazine Features Campus Farm

An article in 1808: Greensboro’s Magazine focuses on campus farms, especially the one at Guilford.

“After a day in the fields, students at the Guilford College Farm are covered in grime, their clothes sweat-soaked,” the story begins.

“But the fruits of their labor are beautiful.

“Tomatoes the size of softballs. Carrots with yellow and purple marbling. And crates of psychedelically colored leaves.”

“Rainbow chard,” David Petree, the College’s director of environmental sustainability told the reporter after looking in the crate. “That’s a favorite for a lot of grocery stores, because it’s so pretty on the shelf.”

View the magazine’s gallery of 15 images from the Guilford College Farm.

“The mission is to provide ridiculously local food,” David says in the article. “It’s sustainable, you don’t have transportation costs. It tastes better.”

Watch a video about the farm on the sustainability page of the Guilford website.