April 14, 2016

Julie Winterich Publishes Article, Serves as Panelist

Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology Julie A. Winterich recently published an article on The Feminist Wire and was a panelist at a sociology conference.

In her April 7 article, “If College, Heterosexual Cis Men Were Raped More Than Everyone Else,” Julie ponders what interpersonal, institutional and cultural changes might occur if the most privileged social group more often suffered sexual violence in college.

More resources would be dedicated to preventing assaults if this occurred, she contends. Those additional resources should be made available to address the actual crisis of sexual violence on campuses, which more frequently victimizes trans, queer, non-conforming, questioning and cis-women, she wrote.

Julie also served as a panelist during the workshop “Teaching Sociology in the Age of Trigger Warnings” at the annual meetings of the Eastern Sociological Society. Scholars gathered for the meetings March 17-20 in Boston.

The panelists debated the benefits and problems of providing trigger warnings for course content on trauma across diverse institutions from community colleges, liberal arts colleges and research universities. Some key issues included how to distinguish between material that may cause an emotional reaction from material that may provoke a post traumatic stress disorder response; what information to include and to exclude in a trigger warning; and how to respond when a student becomes triggered in the classroom.

Workshop attendees participated in an animated discussion to unpack the complex issues involved with teaching raw material compassionately while maintaining consistent standards and rigor.

Julie plans to facilitate a similar discussion for Guilford College faculty during a faculty development workshop in the fall.