May 17, 2016

Journey to Justice

When Kahlil Perine ’16 came to Guilford College four years ago, he had no idea he would ultimately walk across the commencement stage with not one, but three, law school acceptances under his belt. Khalil is grateful for the transformation he experienced here.

“If I hadn’t come to Guilford, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” says Khalil, who earned his degree in criminal justice and political science. “From the moment I started this journey, Guilford has been with me every step of the way—faculty, staff and students alike.”

Among his many high points at Guilford, Kahlil and classmate Naomi Madaras ’16 made a high-impact presentation to the Greensboro City Council in April. Their efforts helped convince the council to privately review the video from a fatal police shooting in 2014, with the possibility that the video will subsequently be released to the public.

“We’re really fighting for justice and what the right thing is,” says Kahlil. “When I came here I was more reserved, but coming here got me really active in the community. Doing things like speaking to city council and the mayor—I definitely would not have done that four years ago.”

Kahlil will attend law school at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in the fall. He is eager to continue his journey toward justice for all.

“Change starts at the institutions,” Kahlil says. “I look forward to gaining a good understanding of how those institutions work and how the law can be used to advance just causes.”