December 3, 2015

Jane K. Fernandes Speaks to Volunteers

President Jane K. Fernandes joined Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan to welcome volunteers to Four Seasons Town Centre on Thursday morning for Shopper’s Day, an event that pairs high school and adult volunteers with shoppers with disabilities.

Shopper’s Day, organized by the Mayor’s Committee for Persons with Disabilities, marked its 30th anniversary by serving more than 500 individuals with moderate to severe disabilities.

“Thank you for being here and thank you for volunteering to assist people with disabilities do Christmas shopping,” Jane told hundreds of high school students Thursday morning.

“People who are not deaf help me get equal access to the world. That’s part of what you’re doing this morning by making shopping more accessible to people with disabilities.”

Shopper’s Day raises awareness of people with disabilities and accessibility issues. Orientation for volunteers helps them communicate and be comfortable with people with disabilities. It also provides an opportunity for people with disabilities to be in the spotlight: Entertainment during the event is primarily performed by people with disabilities.