May 5, 2015

Hollyce “Sherry” Giles Co-Authors Paper on Inclusive Teaching

Hollyce “Sherry” Giles, professor and chair of the Justice and Policy Studies Department, published the article “What Kind of Community? An Inquiry into Teaching Practices that Move Beyond Exclusion” with fellow professors of the multi-campus and community course JPS 335 Reclaiming Democracy: Dialogue, Decision-Making and Community Action.

The article, written with Stephen Bloch-Schulman (Elon University), J.F. Humphrey (NC A&T), Spoma Jovanovic (UNCG), Dan Malotky (Greensboro College) and Audrey Campbell (Bennett College), is published in Partnerships: A Journal of Service Learning and Community Engagement.

The authors explain “how a multi-institutional/community collaborative course set out to both teach democratic thinking and model democratic processes. In doing so, [they] consider how the curriculum, teaching style, and activities in one course, Reclaiming Democracy, have been designed to resist the many forms of exclusion that exist both in higher education and community settings. … [The authors] focus on what political philosopher Iris Marion Young calls the greeting, rhetoric, and narrative as communicative features that could improve the quality of public discussion and deliberation” and argue that “these practices make for a rich, democratically engaging and fun experience and may effectively motivate students to seek out and form other democratic communities throughout the course of their lives.”

JPS 335 Reclaiming Democracy will be offered again in fall 2016.