April 6, 2017

Guilfordians Experience the National Museum of African American History and Culture Together

Approximately 75 diverse Guilfordians gathered together Saturday, April 1, in front of the new National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) in Washington, DC. Alumni and friends from all over the east coast enjoyed the opportunity to expand their understanding of the history, both tragic and triumphant.

The trip, planned by the Black Alumni of Guilford College Advisory Board (BAGCAB), is just one of many events which aims to bring the community together for a common purpose. As Guilford moves to better document our own African-American history, the importance of Guilford College alumni from different generations and racial backgrounds taking this journey together is even more telling in our ability to move forward as a community equally tarnished by America’s racist past.

Esther Hall ’74, emerged from the museum’s three subterranean history galleries repeating a single refrain: “Wow.” It is shared experiences like this that remind us that we are all stakeholders in documenting, remembering, and keeping our history alive -- -no matter how painful.

“Equality and justice are moral stances that are constantly in jeopardy and we must remain vigilant about their importance by continually demanding them from our politicians, police, and criminal justice systems,” states Jacob Blom ’04. “I’m so thankful for Guilford College, especially the BAGCAB, for providing the opportunity to go and learn more.”

We must learn, together, to be better and become something new. Only then can we understand how to truly give every voice a chance to share in the light, in the true spirit of Quaker consensus.