February 13, 2017

Guilford Holds 5th Annual All Black Everything Symposium

In celebration of Black History Month, the Guilford College community was excited to gather on campus for the 5th Annual All Black Everything Symposium.

From topics like the racial wealth gap to racial injustice in the digital world to learning how to navigate the professional world as a person of color, community members expressed themselves through research and creative works including poetry, music and dance.

“The symposium is a great opportunity for the College community to come together and celebrate Black History Month and truly center on black culture, history and experiences,” says Stephanie Chang, the director of Guilford’s Multicultural Education Department.

This year’s keynote speaker was Dr. Brian L. McGowan, a successful scholar and an assistant professor in the higher education program at UNCG. His research, which he shares across the country, focuses on the exploration of race, gender, diversity and social justice.

“Dr. McGowan did an excellent job of showcasing the importance of focusing on black and African American male persistence and retention in higher education. He suggested that higher-education institutions, like Guilford College, must be proactive in their efforts to increase black and African American male persistence and retention numbers,” Stephanie says. “There are various initiatives already happening at Guilford to increase persistence and retentions efforts and, I think, Dr. McGowan’s keynote nicely reaffirmed how institutions of higher education can be accountable and responsible to black and African American males.”

Among this year’s activities and workshops was a free press party sponsored by the Guilford College Department of Art. Members of the campus community were invited to the print-making studio to create and make their voices heard through their own political posters.

Learn more about Guilford’s Multicultural Education Department, and see more photos from the day’s events on the department’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.