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October 20, 2016

Guilford College Named a Top School for Study Abroad

Guilford has been included on a new list of the top 25 colleges and universities for study abroad.

The 25 Best Study Abroad Programs list, published this month by College Rank website, highlights Guilford’s Brunnenburg Semester and other opportunities for Guilford students to study abroad.

The Guilford College Study Abroad Office works closely with students to advise them on their academic options around the world. With over 800 academic programs to participate in that spread over 75 countries around the globe, the Study Abroad Office is able to directly connect a student’s academic, professional and personal goals with an international experience.

Fifty-two percent of Guilford students have engaged in an international experience by the time they graduate.

“Studying abroad is more than just something fun and interesting, it is an essential aspect of becoming an active member of the 21st century,” says Daniel François Díaz, Director of Study Abroad and International Student Advisor at Guilford.

“Through our network of programming, Guilford College students are able to engage in experiences that range from directly enrolling in premier institutions like the University of Oxford, or studying at field research stations in the Serengeti, or learning abroad with a faculty leader like in our Brunnenburg program.”

Students have the opportunity to study abroad as a group with Guilford faculty leaders in our semester programs like those in Munich, Germany, and Siena, Italy, as well as through summer programs in places such as Alicante, Spain, and Sikkim, India.

“Our faculty are involved in incredible international opportunities that challenge students to learn in unique settings that act as laboratories for new ideas and experiences,” Daniel says. “These collaborative international learning experiences are distinctly unique and life changing for both students and faculty leaders.”

The Brunnenburg Semester is an opportunity, offered each spring, for Guilford students to live and learn at a 13th-century castle in the Italian Alps. Participants reside in the castle croft and study the poetry of Ezra Pound, medieval culture, the history of agriculture, the slow food movement and German. Each Tuesday they participate in a workday on the castle’s farm and surrounding vineyards.

The castle, situated above the spa town of Merano near the Austrian border, has breath-taking views of the entire valley. Its location allows students to make weekend trips to Munich, Vienna, Verona, Venice and other cities.

The castle belongs to Mary de Rachewiltz, the daughter of American poet Ezra Pound, and serves as an international Pound study center as well as the home of a museum of alpine agricultural history.

The semester also includes many short trips, often by foot, in the South Tyrol region. Students shop in the nearby village of Dorf Tirol and do much of their own cooking.

The Brunnenburg Semester has attracted attention before. Last year, Best College Reviews website ranked the Brunnenburg Semester second on its 50 Best Study Abroad Programs in America list.